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Comprehensive solutions. Lines perfectly tailored to your needs.

Guaranteed capacity 500 kg/h.

Effective washing of materials with the contamination level reaching 60%.
Power consumption reduced to 70% compared with the solutions currently in use.
Wide range of applications: washing soft and hard plastic.
Increased capacity obtained through proper configuration of the machines.

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High flexibility

The lines intended for washing heavily soiled plastics, such as:

  • post-agricultural film
  • nonwoven crop cover
  • artificial stadium grass
  • shredded big bags
  • PP bags
  • fishing nets
  • peat packaging
  • packaging films e.g.: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS, PET, PA
  • ground toner containers
  • stretch film


rozw en1Flexibility
This line is a response to the need for a processing system allowing effective washing of plastic films of various kinds, especially thin material which is very dirty and difficult to recover: PP packaging, big bags, PP fleece, HD post-agricultural net, household chemicals.

Highly effective washing and wider possible use make it environmentally friendly system. No detergents are used
to obtain a truly pro-ecological solution.

rozw en2Time efficiency
The durability of components as well as simple operation and maintenance.

K&K Recykling System technological line is under patent protection.
We guarantee high efficiency and high performance.

Reduces energy consumption
Highly efficient washing and increased capacity of the process with radical reduction
in consumption of electric power by up to 70% compared to current solutions.
Effectiveness of the process
The system provides material that is 100% suitable for processing for the highest quality regranulates. Possible effective washing of foil that is contaminated up to 60% of the bulk.

Information folder in pdf format.

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