S-30 Evolution Tandem

We also manufacture the Evolution S-30 Tandem dynamic washer with an installed power of 2 x 30 kW.
By using optimal geometry rotors that rotate in opposite directions, we achieve a more effective washing and draining of really dirty plastics.
With this configuration indirect transportation is inhibited, which results in a reduction of energy consumption.

The simplicity of operation, reliability, small size, and the possibility of configuring the machine with other devices makes TANDEM a multifunctional machine.
It can process a highly varied range of input materials such as
non woven crop cover PP, artificial stadium grass, foil flake, or hard materials such as regrinds, PP, PVC, PS, PET, ABS, PA, PE, and many others.



Installed capacity 2x30 kW
Performance 500 - 700 kg/h for foil flake
1000 - 1200 kg/h for miling
Dimensions 4220 x 2060 x 2520 mm
Weight 4030 kg
Water demand 2 x 30-40 m3/h
Power supply 400/50 V/Hz
Standart  CE
Patent  nr. 212153
Opinion of innovation                            
The machines are mounted on independent Framework, tere is a possibility of separating the machines and adjusting them for working independently. 
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