S-30 Evolution

We are currently manufacturing the S-30 Evolution dynamic washer - an improved version of the previous S-30 Dynamic Washer.
The device is powered by a 30 kW engine which results in a performance of up to 700 kg/h for foil flake or 1000-1200 kg/h for milling. This latest machine is designed for cleaning and drying shredded plastics such as:

• used agricultural foils

• peat foil packaging
• foil packaging such as: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS, PET, PA
• stretch foil after haylage
• shredded household waste

Apart from alterations in the external design of the device, a number of changes have been introduced to ensure simplicity of use, energy efficiency and very high quality of the final product.
High opening efficiency and foil flake separation are achieved by means of an innovative rotor geometry; so cleaning is now more effective.
Another innovation in the machine is the insulation of the rotor, which results in the almost complete elimination of speed limit, mechanical friction, heat generation, and starting torque. 


Technical specificatons:

Installed capacity 30 kW
Performance 500 - 700 kg/h for foil flake
1000 - 1200 kg/h for miling
Dimensions 2350 x 2060 x 1800 mm
Weight 1980 kg
Water demand 30-40 m3/h
Power supply 400/50 V/Hz
Standart  CE
Patent  nr. 212153
Opinion of innovation  2013
Possible configuration with other devices  
 Information folder in pdf format.  folder pdf


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S-30 Evolution


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